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Frequently the Normans fought amongst themselves as fiercely as if opposed to the Irish. The Earl of Ulster, a De Burgho, the same who is recorded to have given the first entertainment at Dublin Castle, took his kinsman, Walter Burke, prisoner, and had him starved to death in his own castle; a tragedy which might have been made as memorable as that of Ugolino in the Torre del Fame, had there been a Dante in Ireland to record it. For this act the kinsmen of Walter Burke murdered the Earl of Ulster on the Lord’s Day, as he was kneeling at his prayers, and cleft his head in two with a sword.

The boys looked at each other almost in awe at the frightful result of that volley from the fleet. Then Jack handed the glasses over so that his chum could see for himself the gruesome sight.

Mrs. Greaves asked who she was; and a malapert subaltern told her.



The roads was turrible for the stiddy rains of the larst week do be cutting it up into ditches, and manny a time me hart was in me mouth feering we’d be going into the gutter. The nite was pitch dark and the ilictrick lites over harf the road being out wid the lightning.

I wish to compliment Mr. Brownlow on his able article on “Monetary Relief,” writes Mr. Denison, of Fargo, N. D. “The plan is a perfect panacea if we could get a guarantee that bank presidents would keep their fingers out of speculation.” Mr. Brownlow’s plan seems to meet the approval of all thinking men. By limiting the amount which each bank may be permitted to use, restricting the large banks to half a million, and permitting all the small ones to issue to the extent of their capital stock, Mr. Brownlow’s plan most effectually keeps it out of the hands of speculators. We believe when Mr. Brownlow’s plan is thoroughly known it will be the one adopted.


Like a seabird’s wings that the storm has lopped,





Their progress was now more speedy, though Arturus still kept on his guard. Jack admired the fellow more and more as he saw him work. He felt sure Arturus must be a born scout, and in the service of the Allies ashore on Gallipoli would prove himself to be a valuable man indeed.

"Well said!" cried Marian. "But tell me, whose roof doth now shelter me? Whose house is this?"

[pg 84]

"At times, your cynicism borders on impudence."


He half turned; the woman watching him. "I don't know what to do next," he confessed.

"Can't I do something?" said Priscilla, hovering near.

[pg 160]

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