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“All my excuses! It is that I investigate still this affair of Miss Marvell’s. She comes to you on Friday, does she not? I make a little tour first to make sure that all is secure. Also I wanted to ask of Lady Yardly if she recollected at all the postmarks on the letters she received?”

And here's to the heart of each wife and maid


The neighbours warned him that it was a fairy rath; but he laughed and never minded (for he was from the north), and looked at such things as mere old-wives’ tales. So he built the house and made it beautiful to live in; and no people in the country were so well off as the Johnstones, so that the people said the farmer must have found a pot of gold in the fairy rath.


me? You will keep alive my new-found faith? You will be a true and loving wife?"

“Of coorse” ses she, “and by and by” she adds consoalingly, “yell git aquainted in the naybyhood, and who knows but a Nite will come your way! Hay ho!” ses she.

  新京报快讯 据@广州南车站 消息,根据铁路部门的安排,自8月29日8时起至9月9日20时止,广州南车站管内6个车站(广州南车站、韶关站、珠海站、中山站、新会站和阳江站)对所有乘坐进京列车的旅客实行“专区候车、二次验证、二次安检”工作,涉及以下11列高铁动车(其中周末开行的动卧动车组6列):G72、G80、G66、G68、G70、D922、D924、D902、D904、D910、D928。

“Will you hold the horses, plase.”

The desk screen broke into life. The mottled jowls of Under-Secretary Sternwheeler appeared.


“I have been working very hard lately,” I heard. I turned quickly to him; he had spoken into space. I showed a polite interest and he thawed a little. He told me something of the number of words and hours he wrote a day, of the work he had planned for the next two years, of the regularity of his methods, of his disbelief in the value of “inspiration.” I seemed to have heard it all before about Anthony Trollope. He was not exactly loquacious, but he communicated a great deal in spite of a rather unpleasant impediment in his speech....


Here Mr. John tuk up the coodgills for his sister.


  海外网9月2日电 据香港电台报道,因应疫情,香港特区政府宣布取消今年十一国庆烟花汇演,为连续第二年取消。(海外网 杨佳)

"Mrs. Coventry--is that you?"


Darwin’s theory has this special interest in the history of the science, that it established clearness in the place of obscurity, a scientific principle in place of a scholastic mode of thought, in the domain of systematic botany and morphology. Yet Darwin did not effect this change in opposition to the historical development of our science or independently of it; on the contrary his great merit is that he has correctly appreciated the problems long existing in systematic botany and morphology from the point of view of modern research, and has solved them.

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